What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a virus. He gives a new disease called Covid-19. Symptoms of the disease are mainly: cough, fever, difficulty breathing. Most often, this disease is not serious and one heals very easily. But it can get worse. Especially in people over 70 and frail people who already have another disease: diabetes, respiratory problems, kidney disease, cancer, HIV, etc. There is currently no treatment or vaccine for Covid-19.

How does coronavirus get caught?

This virus is found in the postlets, saliva, on the hands and objects touched by a person who is affected by the coronavirus. You can catch it when you are near an infected person who is talking or coughing, or when you touch objects where there are postilions. Warning: you can have coronavirus without having any sign of disease. But we can still transmit the virus. That's why you have to stay away from other people, even if you don't feel any symptoms.